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Public Assistance

Affordable self storage for Families on Public Assistance

If you are on public assistance we understand that affordable self storage is something that may be very important to you. Providing affordable moving and storage to our neighboring communities is very important to Secure Self Storage. Secure Self Storage hires people from the neighborhood who can empathize with all of the needs of the people in the community including those who are trying to make ends meet while living with public assistance. The need for affordable storage for moving and all forms of affordable self storage can be just a phone call away, when you contact the helpful staff at Secure Self Storage.

Secure Self Storage works with low income families whose self storage needs are often very high. We are sensitive to the needs of people on public assistance. We also accept payments of cash, personal checks, and all major credit cards and debit cards. For interested parties, we offer the convenience of automatic monthly credit card payments so that you do not have to pay in person each month.

Affordable self storage and Public Assistance Working Together

Did you know that Public Assistance will pay for your storage? It's true. Many public assistance programs cover the self storage needs of their clients. Our self storage facilities work closely with social security officers and public assistance caseworkers to help them secure the affordable self storage space you need. There are rules and regulations of public assistance and at Secure Self Storage we do all that we can, working in conjunction with public assistance for you to have affordable self storage. Stop by any location and ask for details. We know that life is full of difficult times and the Secure Storage staff is friendly and well trained and sensitive to your needs.

Attention Public Assistance Community: Welfare Offices, Social Services Professionals & Case Workers ...

Let us help you to help your clients. Contact us today for details about affordable self storage, and to receive some free posters and fliers.