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Mini Storage Prices

Q. Are all mini storage prices the same for every Secure Self Storage facility?
A. There is some difference in pricing for various Secure Self Storage mini storage locations due to a number of factors.
Q. What are the factors that create different prices for various mini storage costs?
A. Mini storage costs are priced based upon factors such as the location of the facility, the location of the mini storage unit within the facility and other amenities such as air conditioning.
Q. How will I be able to find out the self storage rates for the mini storage unit that I want to rent?
A. To obtain rental rates on a unit that best meets your individual needs, please speak directly to a Secure Self Storage Advisor by calling us.
Q. How do the mini storage prices of Secure Self Storage compare with other companies' self storage rates?
A. Secure Self Storage's prices are very fair and reasonable, offering a much higher level of customer service than any other self storage company in our price range. One of our main competitors spends a larger portion of their budget on expensive granite floors and other high cost materials and the rates they charge are many times more costly than Secure Storage mini storage prices.
Q. What do Secure Self Storage customers think about the mini storage prices they pay to use your facilities?
A. In customer feedback from an independent survey of Secure Self Storage customers and non-customers totaling 500 respondents they reported that our prices are fair. There was also an overwhelmingly positive response that Secure Self Storage employs friendly people, have much cleaner self storage facilities than most others, and that our hours are very flexible.